Integral Health Care

Submitted by Adam on 2016.06.03 ; 09:18

Freedom of Choice is the Essence of Life.

Lif is about learning to use Freedom of Choice; as "creator in creation".
We learn and experience how this works in our own living body.
This section of the web site helps you understand your own being:

  1. (Preventive) Health Care ("Prevention IS Better than Cure")
  2. (Self) Healing ("Healer, Heal ThySelf")
  3. WebDoctor ("Many Hands, make Light Work")
  4. Science of Life ("Freedom of Choice is the Essence of Life")

Integral Health Care Integral Health Care is a simple project for the integration of all forms of world healing.
The Health Cultures of the West, East, Far East and Far West complement each other.
They regards the Anatomy, Physiology, System Regulation and Information Integration.
This pertains to physics, chemistry, electromagnetism and informatics, respectively.

Integral Health Care thus integrates the four main forms of science.
These are Classical, Relativistic, Probabilistic and Field theories of science.
These are also Deterministic, Relativistic, Probabilistic and unified perspectives.
In fact it refers to Matter, Molecules, Atomic and information levels of reality