Participation is by invitation ONLY.
You MUST be Sovereign, to join in.
“You must neither command nor be commanded”.
You must determine the quality of your life yourself, together.

  1. Registration - Sign up in
  2. Invitation- Formulate your principles in the Holoversity (private space)
  3. Initiation - Present your life credo in WorldGovernment (Public Law)
  4. Participation - particpate in the projects offered  in PlantingParadise

This web site project operates the following postulates:

  1. Freedom of Choice is the Essence of life.
  2. Respect Freedom of Choice of all beings.
  3. You must be response-able for ALL your actions.
  4. You must be reliable for ALL your interactions.

 This is what this web site will offer:

  1. Your own private work space
  2. Your own private communications
  3. Your own private discussion forums
  4. Your own shared presentation space

This is what you must provide yourself:

  1. Your own secure computer
  2. Your own support for this project
  3. Your own reliable respectful response-able conduct
  4. Your own care for preventing/resolving all (y)our problems